Your happiness is in your hands

REALTOR® are the most happy professionals in Canada. Different media outlets say so and we just agree with it. But what does being a “happy professional” mean?

You are finding ways to boost your career in the Real Estate and you are evaluating “pros” and “cons” of each Real Estate firm in the Greater Vancouver area. You already know all the benefits of this business: the incredibly high revenue that you can get, the dynamic daily life of a REALTOR® and the importance of continuous training.

We want you to focus on another angle: the big gift that you will give your family and friends deciding to join one of our RE/MAX offices.

    • Daddy, don’t worry: everybody knows RE/MAX” – A 5-years old girl pronounced this sentence after she had watched our most recent television advertising. As often happens children are wiser than adults: RE/MAX is the most advertised brand, locally and internationally. Our offices share the 25% of the local Real Estate market. And you just need to walk down the streets of every single neighborhood of Greater Vancouver holding your children hands to realize what she meant: our signs are recognizable everywhere.
    • You want to be able to share interesting stories with your partner – Entering in the RE/MAX network you can participate in our conventions in Canada, in the United States, in Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East. You can learn from the best REALTOR® and trainers and if you are worthy, you can get the unique chance to be a successful Real Estate agent in another country, for a while or forever. Imagine what you can learn and discover having 90,000 real estate agents from the entire world to interact on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
    • You get the most for your work, for you and your family – there are no other Real Estate firms that have commissions higher than us. You can offer your family the best way of life every day, the best holidays, the best schools for your kids, the best part of yourself when you are home.

We collected the comments from our brokers in this 2-minutes video. You can hear from their own voice why they want to share their business with you. Guess who is the one whose daughter pronounced the key sentence: “everybody knows RE/MAX”.

If you want more information about our offices, we will be more than happy to share information with you, so that you can start and share your happiness with the people that you care about as soon as possible.

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