One day in the life of a tech savvy real estate agent

6.30 am
Be healthy – You wake up and choose from one out of three key physical activities: a swim, a run or a ride. Endomondo is the app that you chose: you love the audio coach and the hydration track. And you can challenge your neighbor.

7.15 am
Be informed – Back home, while you retrieve your energy with an healthy juice and some energetic food. While the house is silent, it is the best time for the press review. You flip pages on your tablet thanks to apps such as Flipboard and Feedly. Here you had aggregated your sources: influencers, bloggers, policy makers, journalists that have something interesting to say about the Real Estate market, local and international economics and, of course, a bit of sport news.

7.45 am
Be connected – The best advantage of reading newspapers on a tablet is that you are faster when it comes to sharing interesting contents on your social network accounts. The tech savvy agents leaves Instagram for the daily life and for the personal branding prefers Linkedin and Google+. The first one is a key asset for networking, the latter for the authorship ranking, which means “how many people can find you when they look for “the best Real Estate agent in Vancouver”.

8.30 am
Be relaxed – It is time to start the proper working day. And you put yourself behind the wheel of your car. Everything is set up: the cup of coffee is beside you and your iPod is in its place. You are sure that the music will accompany you smoothly because you had followed the best advice to manage your music and you find out all the best alternative to iTunes.

8.45 am
Be creative – Before the first meeting you need to figure out how you can stick out from the crowd of competitors and increase your listings. You know that video is becoming more and more relevant for Real Estate marketing. You contact a professional videomaker to better understand the costs of a video production. In the meantime you have a look to that might help you to shoot simple and neat videos of properties, and to Vidcaboodle, a useful tool to organize videos .

10.30 am
Be organized – You are stepping into your first property tour of the day. You will have to check that all the needs of the potential buyer are met. You have to make sure that he can get in one glance all the comments that he/she made about a property. You might even lend your buyers your tablet in order to help them to take pictures of details of the property and then send them all the materials gathered immediately after the tour. Those are just some of the opportunities that an app such as Evernote gives you. You learned everything from a great tips-sheet, Evernote for Real Estate

Be cool – The moment of the signature for a contract is coming. You and your customer decided to celebrate the moment in one of the best restaurant in Vancouver. You covered your lack of imagination thanks to one of your favourite Vancouverite blogger, Rebecca Bollwitt. She often offers precious advice on her Google+ profile.

1.30 pm
Be practical – The contract is ready, the transaction is almost done. The buyer and the seller just need to sign the contract. Gone are the days when you had 5 fax machines in your car, to lend them to clients who didn’t have one. Now you are happy with Docusign, a tool that help you to prepare, send, sign, and manage documents digitally. This is how Docusign work.

3.00 pm
Be generous – this day was a great day. Now it is time to update your blog. You launched your website and your blog thanks to the Design Center. You don’t want to loose readers, so you decided to stick to a weekly schedule of one post per week. It takes time to source contents on the web and to find the answer that your readers and customers might need. But you discovered that sharing your knowledge is a great way to increase your leads and your referrals. You started from this Social Media for Real Estate agents: 21 tips.

5.00 pm
Be at home – on your way back home you stop by in a Liquor Store. Tonight you and your partner had invited some friends to come over. You need to buy the best bottle of wine ever. You will celebrate your 20th deal this year. One idea comes to your mind: you will have some quality music. Tonight is the night to set up your Spotify Premium account, so that you will be able to listen streaming streaming, without ads.

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