The paradigm of time

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Any successful veteran Realtor will tell you their greatest resource is time. While we have no control over the number of hours in a day, we certainly have the ability to use our time wisely and effectively.

The paradigm comes when it’s time to examine, rethink and possibly make some changes. Remember, we don’t get paid by the hour. We get paid by the sale. Each agent must decide what works best for them. Some options to restructuring time may include:

  1. Simple behaviour alterations
  2. Improved planning
  3. Hiring support staff
  4. Applying new technology

Adopting a tablet like the iPad or any array of technical gadgets can change your daily time flow dramatically. There are numerous apps that when integrated with Cloud tools have the ability to reinvent your business model. Long gone are the days of the endless trips back and forth to the office to conduct business. Programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and MANY others are available and often offer limited amounts of free storage. Saving, storing and editing files from the convenience of my car sure beats the old days of couriers and fax machines. Conducting business from anywhere at your convenience is guaranteed to save you time, lessen your anxiety and minimize trips to the gas station.

Embrace the benefits from expanding your technical knowledge. It will increase your sales, simplify your life and keep you focused on the future.

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