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You career in real estate might improve significantly using the right technological tools. Jeremy is a Real Estate agent with RE/MAX Treeland and he offers his tips about iPad tools for real estate agents. This last one is about PDF Expert update. 

While all NEW technology is introduced to save us time (which equals money) – let’s face it, new doesn’t always mean better. If you’re a busy agent then invest in the app that I guarantee will save you time and aggravation. The most recent update to PDF Expert—PDF Expert 5, won’t disappoint. The benefits are immediate and tangible. It was well worth the $10 I paid for the upgrade.

Time Save #1: Wrist Control Tool

In the new version, when you’re in the pen function and zoom to isolate the signature area, a blue zone covers most of the screen except where the signature is needed. The blue zone is wrist protected and makes it easier for the client to sign the document. NO MORE disruption…NO MORE awkwardness when moving around the document

Time Save #2: Editing and Managing Pages

Which one of us hasn’t struggled with documents we’ve received from fellow agents or clients? Pages can be upside down, invoices can be imbedded with strata documents, Title Searches are combined with the contract ETC.

The new PDS Expert 5 allows you to:

a) switch to the multiple pages format
b) choose edit and delete single pages in the form
c) rearrange pages from the original scan
d) merge documents into one PDF

If you’re an iPad user – you will want this. I’m happy to share tips and tricks that change and improve my business.

successful real estate agents in langley Jeremy is a licensed REALTOR at RE/MAX Treeland in Langley.
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