Why Join RE/MAX


Join RE/MAX and you will be working with a brand that more than 78% of Canadians think of when they think about real estate.

The brokerage you select says a lot about you, it is often the first thing buyers and sellers see when you hand them your business card. Selecting the right brokerage is an important aspect in establishing a career in real estate.

“To me, change is not a bad thing; change is a good thing. Change is how we grow” Lori Lowe – Owner RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty 2.

“I shopped around several competing brokerages because I wanted to know what they had to offer me and ultimately I realized that RE/MAX was the right place for me. The training, the education, the business model; they provide you with the right tools. They also provide you with the outstanding training to learn those tools” Jarrod Lowe – Masterpiece Realty 2.


Watch this video and follow along for the reasons why you should join RE/MAX and elevate your career to the next level.

Reasons to Join RE/MAX

1. Design Center

“Design Center is an amazing tool. I have used it extensively throughout my business. I have used it to create every marketing piece from forming post cards to single property websites” Jarrod Lowe – Masterpiece Realty 2.

“Design center is a tool that other companies charge you for and RE/MAX does not” Rob Lowe – Owner RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty 2.

2. Lead Street

“RE/MAX is a lead free referral system. A lot of the other companies charge you for leads and referrals. Ultimately, you have to pay the company along with what your split is with your brokerage; RE/MAX doesn’t have that” Rob Lowe – Owner RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty 2.

3. MyRU

“Training with RE/MAX is really incredible. Whatever designation you want to achieve, its available to you 24 hours per day with RE/MAX University.

The brand itself is unparalleled. Everybody knows the balloon; that red white and blue balloon.” Jarrod Lowe – Masterpiece Realty 2.

“RE/MAX is in approximately 91 countries now. When you can go to a seller and say I have worldwide presence, and I can list your property both nationally and internationally, who wouldn’t want that?” Jarrod Lowe – Masterpiece Realty 2.

4. Support

“You don’t have to do this by yourself” Lori Lowe – Owner RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty 2.

“The support has been phenomenal. Its unparalleled to any other company I have ever worked for. RE/MAX is always a phone call away. It is never an automated system, it’s always someone at the other end of the phone.” Jarrod Lowe – Masterpiece Realty 2.

5. It’s a Family

“I feel the family presence throughout the community and I see the comradely that everyone has; everyone is in it together to help each other out.” Jarrod Lowe – Masterpiece Realty 2.

“Our staff is able to see that we are about family; they know RE/MAX is about family, that’s why they are there.“ Rob Lowe – Owner RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty 2.

What Now?

1. Make your comparisons.
2. Make a checklist.
3. Ask yourself: What does one offer that the other one does not?

Why Join RE/MAX:

• Global Brand
• Referral-fee free leads
• Tools
• Support
• Training systems

The brokerage you select becomes a part of your brand so it’s important to choose wisely.

Visit our website www.beyourcareer.ca and see how a career with RE/MAX could be the right one for you. We have offices across the Lower Mainland. One of our managing brokers will be happy to meet with you and discuss a future path with you and RE/MAX, get in touch with us today.

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