The power of RE/MAX

The power of RE/MAX has produced the most productive agents in Canada.

Power of RE/MAXThe number of RE/MAX agents has increased consecutively over the last 13 quarters. As of April 1, 2015, RE/MAX reached 100,000+ agents.

With many clear benefits of joining RE/MAX, an increasing number of real estate professionals are choosing to switch brokerages and join the growing RE/MAX team.

Forces behind the power of RE/MAX

  • Most recognized brand
  • Dominant TV advertising
  • Global referral network
  • Lead-generating machine
  • Industry’s best agents
  • Professional education
  • Brand that gives back

Most recognized brand

RE/MAX has 40 years of brand confidence, reputation and awareness. These forces start working for agents like you from day one!
By joining RE/MAX you have the power of RE/MAX and our Hot Air Balloon behind you. Additionally, our wide-scale ad campaign helps consumers think about you, their local agent.

Dominant TV advertising

RE/MAX makes billions of brand impressions on network and cable programs. As a RE/MAX agent you benefit from these impressions made.
The RE/MAX brand is everywhere – TV, radio, print, social media and more.
As a RE/MAX agent, you would also be directly connected to the overall themes through materials you create in the RE/MAX Design Centre.

Global referral network

RE/MAX has over 90,000 potential referral partners around the world. As a RE/MAX agent you would be negotiating your own referral fees without disruption, agent-to-agent.

Your listings to international buyers and investors would also be promoted in their language and currencies. As a RE/MAX agent, your business would go places you never dreamed it could go.

Lead-generating machine

As a RE/MAX agent, you would get leads, and lots of them. Bonus: No referral fees! generates more than four million visits per year. LeadStreet distributes fee-free leads that come in through the website to RE/MAX agents.

Additionally, leads on your listings would be sent directly to you. This process eliminates the middleman or third party disruptions.

Industry’s best agents

RE/MAX agents work alongside the best agents in the industry.

By becoming a part of our team, you would learn from them, be pushed by them, be inspired by them and become one of them. You would also gain an instant reputation as a serious professional.

Professional education

RE/MAX agents have 24/7 access to more than 1,000 RE/MAX University videos. Our agents can view these videos wherever they are.

As a RE/MAX agent, you would be learning from the industry’s best coaches and trainers. You would be positioned for new leads and greater opportunity. The more you learn, the more you earn!

Brand that gives back

RE/MAX agents give back within our communities throughout the year. As a RE/MAX agent, you would see the power of community citizenship up close. We love to give back, and in giving back we have learned an important lesson. The lesson: people love to do business with agents who care. RE/MAX cares and it shows.

RE/MAX has been the Number 1 brokerage in both Canada and the United States for many years. Join our team and get in touch with one of our Managing Brokers. Set up an interview today.

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