A look back at Activate 2015

Activate 2015 conference took place in Victoria, BC from October 14 to 16. RE/MAX of Western Canada organized the annual conference.

The Be Your Career team took part in the even this year once again. We are happy to share some of the highlights from this event that is exclusive to RE/MAX agents.

Activate 2015

Highlights from RE/MAX Activate 2015

  • Don’t risk it, refer it
    • Often in our field, we receive leads that are not in our geographic area or sector. Making connections that you can refer these leads to will be good for business and will also help generate more income, often with very little effort.
  • Ratings, Ranking and Reputation
    • Building your real estate business with online reviews is possible and should be implemented immediately. Online reviews influence consumers in almost every area of their lives including real estate decisions. Obtaining positive reviews can help build your personal and office brand as well.
  • Better and Faster – Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas
    • Jeremy Gutsche taught us to look for the patterns of opportunity that are right in front of us without us even realizing it. Overcoming the psychological traps that block our success was also covered. The presentation was adapted to teach RE/MAX agents how to be better and faster.
  • Getting it right with Google
    • “Google it” has become a part of our language. Often times, Google is the number one traffic source for websites. RE/MAX specialists shared ideas on how to make Google work for our business without having to spend a lot of money.
  • Networking
    • A three-day conference of like-minded professionals looking to build connections and expand their network is just what we were looking for. Establishing connections enables network growth, referrals and increase in business, sign us up!
  • RE/MAX of Western Canada organized its 32nd annual Activate 2015 conference. The three-day event proved to be a success yet again. With a lot of learning and networking, we can’t wait to see what’s in store next year.

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