RE/MAX Myth Busters Myth 1

RE/MAX myth busters are a series of blog posts dispelling the myths about RE/MAX and the business we conduct.

Being the number one brokerage in Canada comes with its fair share of misinterpretations. The goal of this series of myth busters blog posts is to clearly identify and address some common myths about RE/MAX.

RE/MAX Myth RE/MAX Myth Busters – Myth #1

“I can’t afford the monthly fee at RE/MAX”

You’re right. In your current situation, at a company that limits your success and the amount of money you can earn, you can’t afford RE/MAX. The real question is: why would you accept those limitations on your career?

Impact on your business:

  • Each RE/MAX office has the independence to develop its own package of benefits and services.
  • Sales Associates under the RE/MAX maximum commission package pay their fair share of office expenses and are able to keep more of their commission.
  • RE/MAX allows you to control your financial investment and be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Call today for a confidential career evaluation. You’ll see, in writing, how your monthly Return On Investment will work. You will be absolutely shocked when you realize that the return is far greater than the investment.

You may have heard RE/MAX being referred to as “FEEMAX.”
Our response to the person making this accusation is two fold.

1. They did not understand the RE/MAX model
2. They had a vested interest in you never learning the truth

Are you interested enough? Or should we say MAX enough to see the numbers in writing?

Is your future, and your family’s future, worth the time of this meeting?

If you are serious about your career, are you willing to look past this RE/MAX myth?

When it comes to down to it, a move to RE/MAX comes down to one simple question. The question is: Is the fear of change greater than the pain you feel due to policies, procedures and restrictive business practices beyond your control?

If you feel a career with RE/MAX would be a good fit for you and you skill-set, set up an interview with one of our managing brokers today. We have offices across the Lower Mainland and are always looking to add valuable members to our team.

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