RE/MAX Myth Busters Part 4

RE/MAX Myth Busters Part 4RE/MAX Myth Busters series sheds light on common misconceptions about working with RE/MAX. Being the number one brokerage in Canada for over 10 years comes with a lot of competition. Along with many competitors, come misconceptions as well.

How do we address this in our line of work?

By being honest and upfront with you.

When it comes to working with RE/MAX, we are looking for the best realtors to join our team, and we are open about it.

RE/MAX Myth Busters Part 4

“RE/MAX agents are sharks.”

The Truth:

Yes they are. RE/MAX agents are hunters who swim harder than anyone. But don’t be afraid. They don’t bite. And they certainly don’t harm each other. A combination of competition and cooperation forms the heart of the culture here.

If you’re going to swim, why not swim with the best?

When the REAL Trends Canadian 250 ranked brokerages by sides-per-agent production last year, RE/MAX was the leader. In fact, 169 of the Top 250 offices were RE/MAX. So yes, RE/MAX offices are filled with highly focused sharks always on the hunt for business.

Get to know them, though, and you’ll find friendly people who care deeply about their profession, communities and colleagues.

Examine the company you currently keep. Do you work with the best? Ask yourself whether your current situation is holding you back. Take the next step when you realize it is; set up a meeting with a Managing Broker today.

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