5 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Hold Open Houses


Open houses have helped Nate Brill generate more than $7 million in sales volume from clients he met hosting the events. Here are five reasons he says to give this classic sales strategy another look.

  1. The leads come to you

“All those years with my previous job [with an auto parts wholesaler] I was on the road, seeking out leads, but with open houses they come to me. I met a couple my second weekend in the business, and working with them helped springboard me into a higher price-point neighborhood. I sold six houses in the area in six months from clients I met doing open houses.”

  1. You make better connections

“Social media and technology are a big part of the society we live in now, which is exciting. But personal connection is now craved more than ever. If you want to stand out, you have to make a connection. You’ll never find me being passive at an open house. I actively engage visitors to find out what drew them in and how I can help.”

  1. You refine your pitch

“I’ve heard you’ve got to go on 50 listing appointments before you get it right. Well with open houses, I have the opportunity to do 50 appointments in one weekend. Then when you do go for a listing appointment, you’ve already practiced what you’re going to say.”

  1. Consistency builds presence

“If I hold open houses consistently in a neighborhood, people are seeing my logo and contact information. Even if the neighbors don’t come in, they see me out there working. People say all the time, ‘I saw you out there running with the signs. That’s the kind of person I want to sell my house.’”

  1. You make a big impression

“There was one weekend when it seemed everyone else in the area was out barbequing, but I decided to hold an open house and met five new clients. Ultimately, I sold a $400,000 house for one of them. These clients hired me because they saw I was willing to work when no one else was. That’s what holding open houses can mean.”

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