Download the 2016 RE/MAX Trademark Manual

The 2016 RE/MAX Brand Identity: Trademarks and Graphics Standards manual is now available.2016 RE/MAX Trademark Manual

Download the digital version from Mainstreet here.

The 17th Edition covers everything RE/MAX Affiliates need to know to ensure materials are compliant with RE/MAX trademark standards.

Updates include:

  • Standards for using mobile phone numbers on property signs. Associates are now permitted to replace the office phone number with a cell phone number, as long as they have Broker/Owner consent and such a change is permitted by their local laws.
  • Standards for The RE/MAX Collection signage. New standards address the color and black-and-white logos, and include size and clear space requirements as well.
  • Standards associated with logos for the 2016 RE/MAX advertising campaign.
  • Examples of approved directional and open house signage.
  • Standards on domain names that contain “remax.” Broker/Owners may now omit the city from a domain name containing “remax” if there is no duplicate office name located in the broker’s state or province.
  • Clarifications regarding proper use of the RE/MAX logo, including use of the RE/MAX logo in office signage.

Print copies are available to purchase on

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