Combine Your Skills With the Power of RE/MAX

Combine Your Skills with the Power of RE/MAX

As reported in Above Magazine’s blog post, Frank Baldwin combined his skills with the power of RE/MAX and reached Platinum quickly. He now shares how you can too!

Power of RE/MAXFrank Baldwin worked as a discount real estate agent for years and then as an executive managing six real estate offices at Help-U-Sell, a low-service real estate brand. But this all changed in 2014 when he joined Mike and Susan Varley’s RE/MAX Real Pro’s team in Corona, California.

Working in the discount model required a large time commitment. With RE/MAX, Baldwin can run his business on his terms and he can keep more of what he earns. The result: more income with each transaction, higher career satisfaction, and a much healthier work-life balance.

“At Help-U-Sell, I had to do three times the amount of work to reach my goals,” Baldwin says.

Baldwin did come away with one important thing from working with Help-U-Sell – an incredible work ethic. In order to meet the endless demands of his previous position, Baldwin had become an efficient practitioner. He knew how to take advantage of every opportunity and every lead in order to generate business. He was comfortable working the phones and he was skilled at converting cold calls into leads and sales.

Benefits of RE/MAX

Baldwin realized that, with RE/MAX, he would be able to combine his abilities with the services and competitive advantage he’d never experienced before.

“During my very first week, I had leads coming directly to me, and that was nice,” Baldwin says. “I closed several of them immediately, and things have gone extremely well ever since.”

These days, much of Baldwin’s business comes from referrals.

His personality, both competitive and personable, serves him well and builds loyalty among those who do business with him.

“I truly enjoy helping people buy and sell homes,” he says. “I always say, ‘Don’t think of transactions as files, but as people’s lives. Have passion for the business, and you’ll succeed because you care.’”

As you can see, aligning himself with RE/MAX is the best thing Frank Baldwin could have done for his career and work life balance. Do you want the Power of RE/MAX behind you?

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