Why the RE/MAX Brand Refresh?

Why the RE/MAX Brand Refresh?

Great brands evolve. It’s time for a RE/MAX Brand Refresh. 

RE/MAX Brand RefreshWhy is the RE/MAX brand’s look and feel changing? A brand refresh is a natural step that helps brands to stay current and relevant with consumer preferences and modern communication channels. The goal of the refresh is to better attract consumers and help agents make a positive, lasting impression in their respective markets.

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What do consumers have to say about the brand refresh?

The strategic planning process involved testing the preferences of 20,0000 consumers.

  • 53% called the RE/MAX wordmark “dated”
  • 60% connected with the new balloon logo

The general consensus was:

“I love the brand, but maybe the branding isn’t as modern and fresh as it could be.”

Brokers and agents can expect to see the new designs unveiled on August 21 at the 2017 Broker Owner Conference (BOC). Email communications will be distributed that week to agents and brokers throughout Canada and the United States.

How will you access the new logos and graphics?

Affiliates will be able to access the news logos and graphics through a marketing portal found in Max/Center. This portal will go live during the BOC.

After August 21, you will be able to start using the new branding. Agents should use up and replace their existing marketing materials over time.

When will the RE/MAX, LLC branding refresh?

September 20 is the official “Global Day of Celebration”. This will also be the day when RE/MAX, LLC will transition to the new branding. Brokerages and agents can take advantage of the occasion if the timing works for them.

More details to come about the brand refresh at the BOC. 


The RE/MAX balloon and wordmark is, and will continue to be the most recognized name in real estate. Do you want to associate yourself with the best? Schedule an informal meeting with one of our managing brokers today

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