Activate the New Brand

Activate the New Brand

With the brand refresh underway, there is a lot to be excited about, and a lot to celebrate! Check out how these brokers activated the new brand in their offices.

Activate the New Brand: Nate Martinez

“I think the new design is exactly what we need today. It’s fresh, it’s modern, and it’s clean. It looks really good in front of houses.” – Nate Martinez

How is Nate Martinez transitioning and activating the new brand in his office? Here are some of his recommendations.

  1. Make a big deal about the launch
  2. Send out a BombBomb video with details
  3. Make it easy for agents to order


Activate the New Brand: Kim Hawkins

“The great thing about this refresh is that the younger generation, and even all of our agents who are in their thirties and forties, love this new look.” – Kim Hawkins

How did Kim Hawkins roll this brand refresh out to her agents?

  1. Replace exterior monument signs
  2. Give new lapel pins and business cards to agents
  3. Redesign collateral material
  4. Produce social media posts for agents


Activate the New Brand: Dan Breault

“Great brands evolve.” – Dan Breault

What are Dan Breault’s tips for introducing the new brand to agents and clients?

Let your clients know you’ve changed out their yard sign. It’s a conversation starter. It’s a fact that every company must continue to grow and change to stay relevant and on top. Any chance you have the opportunity to discuss the new brand with a client demonstrates that you’re in the game.


Activate the New Brand in Your Community

Consider unveiling the new look at a community service event. You can purchase items with the new refreshed branding, like shirts, coffee mugs, pens, etc. – and raffle them off or have them as prizes at your event. It is important to remind the public that your look may be different, but your commitment to serving your community is as strong as ever.

That’s a starting point for your creativity. How will you activate the new brand? Visit our Blog to download the refreshed marketing material.

  • Spread the word