Texas RE/MAX Team Leader Returns from KW

Texas RE/MAX Team Leader Returns from KW

What happened?

RE/MAX Team LeaderWhen Paula Jones first joined RE/MAX, she was already one of the top-producing agents in Abilene, Texas. With the support and brand power of RE/MAX, she knew her career could only rise higher. It did.

After her 2002 move to RE/MAX. Jones’ business kept growing and her production went through the roof. At the same time, the demands and the pace – always available, always on the go – wore her down over the course of 17 years.

In 2015, Jones needed a change and wanted to achieve greater balance in her life. She decided she would build a capable team to take some of the pressure off. But she wasn’t sure where to start.

Around this time, Jones met a Keller Williams recruiter who promised her she’d have the tools and resources she would need to build a profitable team – if she left RE/MAX. So, she did.

Jones says it was the biggest mistake of her career.

Broken Promises

 “[The recruiter] told me that joining Keller Williams had changed her life, and I believed her,” Jones recalls. “She told me she had time for her family, because she had a team that took care of her clients when she wasn’t there. She said she’d help me build a team just like hers, too. She was full of reassurances – smiles and confidence galore – so I put my trust in her.”

Only two months later, the recruiter was gone and Jones felt lost.

Things started to look up when Jones found the perfect buyer’s agent – a former client who wanted to make the move from an independent firm to Keller Williams with her. Then came the second blow.

The majority owner of the Keller Williams Abilene Market Center recruited Jones’ buyer’s agent to become a salaried team leader, effectively hiring her away from Jones.

“If was an impossible situation and I felt forced to say that it was okay, even though I felt hugely betrayed,” Jones says.

Another lofty promise – to reap the benefits of profit-sharing – was shattered soon after. After the move, Jones discovered that she’d have to recruit a new Keller Williams agent in order to take advantage of profit-sharing.

 “At the time, I was selling about 100 homes per year; I was far too busy taking care of my buyers and sellers to be concerned with recruiting other agents under me,” Jones says.

On top of it all, she was presented with new rules and meetings she was required to attend. With Keller Williams, she lost the autonomy she enjoyed in running her own business under the Balloon.

Turning Point

Over the next few months, Jones became increasingly dissatisfied with her move. She was miserable and even her clients noticed.

“I was still with Keller Williams in March 2016 when I listed a client’s very nice home,” she says. “This man had quit his job and one day, while I was visiting him, he said to me, ‘Paula, life’s too short to work somewhere you aren’t happy.'”

That very same day, Jones met with Margie Peck, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Abilene, and told her she was miserable.

“Margie smiled and said, ‘Well, why don’t you just come back home to RE/MAX,’” Jones recalls. “I was so happy. Now, I’ve been back for 18 months, and I’m loving every single minute.”

Back at Home with RE/MAX

Jones is thriving in the winning culture Peck has built at her brokerage.

“RE/MAX agents are professionals, with professional leadership in a professional atmosphere,” Jones says. “Since returning, I’ve had a huge weight lifted, and I feel like I can breathe again.”

Her clients are happier, too! For example, a builder Jones had worked with exclusively, stopped working with her when she switched to Keller Williams, telling Jones she just wasn’t the same there. Now, he’s back on her client list.

“The RE/MAX name alone carries a lot of weight in Abilene … and everywhere else.”

Now, Jones is focused on developing her team of three new agents and keeping her clients happy. She’s found a deeper satisfaction and confidence now that she’s back with RE/MAX – where she belongs.

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