How Do You Build a Productive Real Estate Brokerage?


Real Estate BrokerageIt’s taken Tim and Tammy Kress seven years to transform their Austin, Texas, real estate brokerage from a four-person team to a growing powerhouse of nearly 100 agents. Their journey had its share of challenges and it certainly didn’t happen overnight, but that’s what makes their success even sweeter for the resilient husband-wife team.

How do you build a productive real estate brokerage?

  • Putting their agents’ success first
  • Creating an environment filled with development, learning, collaboration, laughter, accountability and energized people helping each other improve their results and lives.

In other words, they built a RE/MAX office.

Mission: Help Agents Succeed

RE/MAX 1 has earned a reputation of being a place for agents to raise their game. Part of this has come through its embrace of Momentum – a complete real estate agent development system exclusive to RE/MAX.

“Whether they’re brand new or they’ve been in the business for 20 years, any agent can get plugged into our development programs and increase business very quickly,” says Tammy Kress. “It takes commitment, and it takes work. But anyone can do it.”

Their agents range in age from 20s to 70s and every age in between, as well as work styles. In planning the new office, they took into consideration all of the needs of their agents.

Mission: Create a Productive Work Environment

The Kress’ architect encouraged them to think about the experience they wanted to create for both agents and clients. See the finished space. The bright, light-filled building with casual, homey furnishings creates a welcoming environment for clients. It also creates a great collaborative space for working and learning agents.

Mission: Attract the Best

The Kress’ understand the value of attracting the right people. Their Director of Development and Director of Opportunity are continually working to find agents that share the same learning-based mindset RE/MAX 1 wants.

 “Agents love being here, and they talk about it to other agents,” Tammy says. “That’s a big part of what grows our company.”

When Sales Associate, Anthony Ferrando, decided to switch from a local independent real estate brokerage to RE/MAX, he set up an appointment and ended up joining RE/MAX 1 on the spot.

“When I was given the numbers, I realized I paid my old broker more just off the splits than I would have by being with RE/MAX,” Ferrando says. “Now, I have the best brand, the recognizable RE/MAX sign and nearly 100 other agents to bounce ideas off of.”

Jona Ten Eyck joined RE/MAX 1 more than six years ago after outgrowing her previous real estate brokerage. She wanted to be with the best to take her business to the next level. As expected, her production increased.

“If you want to reach for the stars and the moon, you can,” Ten Eyck says. “You can be the best agent you want to be, and RE/MAX gives you all of the tools and resources to do it.”

Mission: Build a Productive Real Estate Brokerage

Do you want to improve the productivity and success of your brokerage?

A switch to RE/MAX can open doors for you as an agent or as a brokerage. If you’re unhappy with your current situation, or if you’re curious about how RE/MAX could benefit your real estate career, set up a meeting today!


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