RE/MAX Acquires booj

RE/MAX Acquires booj

boojRE/MAX is making a bold shift in its technology strategy. The purpose of this shift is to deliver even better technology solutions that will create a distinct competitive advantage for RE/MAX brokerages and agents. RE/MAX LLC has acquired a real estate technology company called booj

Booj is an award-winning real estate web development and software firm. booj, which stands for ‘be original or jealous’, has an impressive 12-year track record and powers the technology for a network of 40 independent brokers across the United States. Their 77-member staff includes some of the premier technology developers and strategists in real estate.

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Here are the FAQ’s.

Collaboration between RE/MAX and booj

Moving forward, product development will be very collaborative. It will include a powerful mix of the booj team’s talent, experience, and product foundation; the ideas of key players from various groups at RE/MAX headquarters; the input of other strategic partners; and most importantly, the thoughts of frontline agents, brokers, and regional leaders across the RE/MAX network. The result is a dynamic new process that will bring together the best technology minds in the RE/MAX universe.

RE/MAX in the Modern Age

Ultimately, this acquisition will mean better tools for RE/MAX for the modern age. This covers everything from websites and mobile apps to productivity tools and content-rich systems for generating, cultivating, and managing leads. It will also mean an upgrade to the RE/MAX technology suite – complementing the other Approved Supplier products you use.

Here’s the bottom line – RE/MAX is the most productive real estate network in the world. Now, just imagine the possibilities when the best agents have the best technology. As we like to say, the sky’s the limit.

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