RE/MAX Myth Busters Myth 1


RE/MAX myth busters are a series of blog posts dispelling the myths about RE/MAX and the business we conduct. Being the number one brokerage in Canada comes with its fair share of misinterpretations. The goal of this series of myth busters blog posts is to clearly identify and address some common myths about RE/MAX. RE/MAX Myth Busters – Myth #1 “I can’t afford the monthly fee at RE/MAX” Reality: You’re right. In your current situation, at a company that limits your success and ...Read More

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A look back at Activate 2015

Activate 2015

Activate 2015 conference took place in Victoria, BC from October 14 to 16. RE/MAX of Western Canada organized the annual conference. The Be Your Career team took part in the even this year once again. We are happy to share some of the highlights from this event that is exclusive to RE/MAX agents. Highlights from RE/MAX Activate 2015 Don’t risk it, refer it Often in our field, we receive leads that are not in our geographic area or sector. Making connections that you can refer these leads to ...Read More

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